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A screenshot of Flickrs new look

Flickrs New Look

After the “War and Peace” like length of my last post on “Edit­ing Canon EOS 7D Video with Pre­miere Pro”, I have taken a bit of a break. Here are some quick pho­tog­ra­phy related links to dis­tract while I craft my next masterpiece :-)

  • Life­hacker — How to record great video with your hd dslr cam­era. Some great tips on shoot­ing video, includ­ing know­ing which way your focus ring moves. Sounds sim­ple, but you don’t have time to mess around with this when shoot­ing video.
  • ImpulseAd­ven­ture — Com­par­i­son of Dig­i­tal Photo Cat­a­log Soft­ware. After my brief reviews of DAM soft­ware such as Adobe Light­room, I found this excel­lent (and mas­sive) com­par­i­son table of pretty much every soft­ware prod­uct for dig­i­tal asset man­age­ment known to man.
  • Finally, Flickr will shortly be intro­duc­ing an excit­ing new look, as seen in the image at the head of this post. It also fea­tures a great “Dark” mode, seen below, some­thing which many third party ser­vices had pro­vided in the past. I use Flickr to show­case my images, it’s a great com­mu­nity, and I enjoy the feed­back that an image or gallery on my web­site doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily receive.
A screenshot of the new Flickr "Dark" Mode

The new Flickr “Dark” mode

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    Editing Canon EOS 7D Video with Premiere Pro

    The emer­gence of Canon DSLR video has been a tri­umph and a strug­gle for wannabe Steven Spielberg’s, me included. The tri­umph is the undoubted qual­ity of the image, and the cre­ative avenues opened up by the wide vari­ety of lenses available.

    The strug­gle includes the intro­duc­tion of so much new ter­mi­nol­ogy, so many new ways to be cre­ative and to fail mis­er­ably, and the inevitable havoc caused to well estab­lished work­flows with the intro­duc­tion of video. This post out­lines my efforts to arrive at some­thing resem­bling a usable work­flow for video, using  MPEG Stream­clip, Adobe Pre­miere Pro, and YouTube.


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    End Of An Era — Selling My 20D

    We Had Some Great Adventures!

    We Had Some Great Adventures!

    Ah, my first DSLR, a Canon 20D, it is time to part com­pany. I will miss it, but the truth is I have not used it since I got my 7D. So it is up on eBay now, to be recy­cled into some­thing new and shiny! Check it out here.

    UPDATE: Sold and dispatched.

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    Queen Victoria in Sydney

    MS Queen Vic­to­ria along­side in Sydney

    I have just posted a new gallery of some shots of the Cunard Line cruise ship MS Queen Vic­to­ria on her recent visit to Syd­ney, Aus­tralia. For more infor­ma­tion on this beau­ti­ful ship, check out this Wikipedia entry, or the Cunard Line web­site.

    Go take a look!

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    My Top Three Adobe Creative Suite 5 Features

    What’s In The Box?

    So Adobe has announced Cre­ative Suite 5. There have already been some amaz­ing pre­view video’s, but, as always with Adobe prod­ucts, there will be the debate whether to upgrade or not. I am lucky enough to have Adobe Mas­ter Col­lec­tion CS4, but here are the top three fea­tures which will prob­a­bly push me down the upgrade path…


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    DSLR Video — Welcome to the Future

    “The Last 3 Min­utes” From Shane Hurl­but, ASC from Shane Hurl­but, ASC on Vimeo.

    After watch­ing this video, all I can say is:


    My Canon 7D can also shoot High Def­i­n­i­tion 24P video, though com­ing from a pho­tog­ra­phy back­ground, I am strug­gling to catch up. New for­mats, new tools, new chal­lenges (i.e. have you tried to edit Canon 7D footage in Pre­miere Pro? That is a major chal­lenge for another post…) and new cre­ative decisions.

    Then you see a video like this, and real­ize that even with all the right tools, you still have a moun­tain to climb ;-) The video capa­bil­i­ties on the cur­rent Canon 5D MkII and 7D are so strong that even the sea­son finale of House MD was filmed com­pletely on one.

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    I Hate Flash…

    I Hate Flash...

    I Hate Flash…

    Why? It scares me, it defies me to con­trol it, demands man­ual con­trol for best results. And mostly, it beats me… so much so that I bought this book, this flash, this cam­era, and finally, this lens to wres­tle back con­trol at the darker points of the my pho­to­graphic adventure.

    If I am hon­est with myself, I don’t know how to use it cor­rectly, and have the pho­to­graphic evi­dence to prove it! This post from Photocritic.Org might just put me on the path to flash redemp­tion, and cure me of my past sins..


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    The State Of The DAM 2 — Adobe Lightroom

    Screenshot of Adobe Lightroom 2

    Adobe Light­room 2

    In my pre­vi­ous post on Dig­i­tal Asset Man­age­ment, I briefly out­lined some of the entry level con­tenders for DAM soft­ware such as Google Picasa and Adobe Pho­to­shop Ele­ments. In the rest of this series, I will look at some of the heavy weights, the pro­fes­sional asset man­age­ment sys­tems. I will start with the one I use most —  Adobe Light­room. Not sure if this is a good idea as I it is the prod­uct that I am most inti­mate with, know­ing its strengths and weak­nesses. Let’s get started…


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    Repost — Duke Special @ Dolans

    The eccen­tric Duke Spe­cial now fea­tures as a new gallery on JonathanBourke.Com. This is a repost of an ear­lier Flickr based Gallery as I slowly migrate my port­fo­lio con­tent to my own web­site. In this gallery, I try to cap­ture the eccen­tric­ity, the motion, and the colour of Dukes’ per­for­mance at Dolans that night. Some of the images could be per­ceived as being blurred… but for me this accu­rately reflects the feel­ing of the gig.


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    One Lens Every Photographer Should Own

    A self portrait in black and white of me with my camera sporting a Canon EF 50mm F1.4 lens.

    One Lens Every Pho­tog­ra­pher Should Own; a Fast 50!

    Dig­i­tal Pho­tog­ra­phy School (DPS) sug­gests Three Lenses Every Pho­tog­ra­pher Should Own. Great arti­cle. Except…


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