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Help Wanted for the Blog « Vincent Laforet’s Blog

I’m look­ing for some­one who is pretty obsessed with gear.   If you get a cer­tain kind of high with get­ting a chance to be the very first to hold a pro­to­type in your hands – this is the job for you.   The catch?  You need to have a good under­stand­ing of Word Press and some HTML – the more the bet­ter – as you’ll be help­ing to develop the “My Gear” sec­tion of this blog.  I’m look­ing for some­one to work part time for 2–3 days a week reg­u­larly through­out the year.

via Help Wanted for the Blog « Vin­cent Laforet’s Blog.

Gad­get & Word­Press Geek for Vin­cent Laforet? Where do I sign up?

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Back To The Mac

A photo of my 17

My Mac!

This post has lit­tle to do with pho­tog­ra­phy, but it per­haps does answer some of the most com­mon ques­tions I have heard at trade shows, in forums, and the like… What’s your setup? What do you use? Many will lament the com­plete lack of pho­to­graphic merit in those ques­tions, but as a tech head, I will indulge my inner geek.

I recently started read­ing a great set of inter­views where IT per­son­al­i­ties give an overview of the hard­ware and soft­ware they use per­son­ally called “The Setup”. I really love the for­mat of these inter­views, being very breezy, not get­ting bogged down in the details, while still pro­vid­ing some great insight, tips, and hints for help­ful tools and soft­ware. I doubt I would ever be invited to fea­ture in “The Setup” but I will try to write this post in the same style.


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