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Editing Canon EOS 7D Video with Premiere Pro

The emer­gence of Canon DSLR video has been a tri­umph and a strug­gle for wannabe Steven Spielberg’s, me included. The tri­umph is the undoubted qual­ity of the image, and the cre­ative avenues opened up by the wide vari­ety of lenses available.

The strug­gle includes the intro­duc­tion of so much new ter­mi­nol­ogy, so many new ways to be cre­ative and to fail mis­er­ably, and the inevitable havoc caused to well estab­lished work­flows with the intro­duc­tion of video. This post out­lines my efforts to arrive at some­thing resem­bling a usable work­flow for video, using  MPEG Stream­clip, Adobe Pre­miere Pro, and YouTube.


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